Internship Program

I’m always happy to meet with interested applicants! Most of my interns have recently graduated from college, but I am willing to discuss possibilities with other professionals/students too.

APPLICANTS NEED: Studio art/art education/art history experience, or strong skills in another area with a desire to learn/contribute to the field of art. Perhaps most importantly, applicants must be dependable and responsible. The internship requires ten hours a week of work for at least three months, with two hours per week devoted to educational experiences outside the studio that include talks, field trips, critiques, project proposals, etc. If you don’t have that much time we can talk about volunteer possibilities rather than the standard internship.

TO APPLY:  Cruise around my site so you are familiar with what I do. Have a track record of dependability and responsibility supported by two letters of recommendation.  Email that, along with your resume and letter of interest to If you don’t hear back from me, email me again.

NOTE: While projects take me all over the country, most of my work is located in St. Louis, MO.

While each internship/volunteer position is different, folks tend to learn things like this from me:

  • Make art and make art happen
  • Install/deinstall/pack and ship artwork
  • Connect with the community as an artist
  • Find and land jobs in the arts and in support of your career
  • Interview skills
  • Write grants, press releases, art proposals
  • Explore a variety of unconventional art materials and methods
  • Set up and maintain a studio practice
  • Promote the visual arts and connect the arts community
  • Do taxes as an artist
  • Contact and talk to the media, galleries, curators, critics
  • Get exhibited
  • Get funding for exhibits/projects from a variety of sources

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