I am thrilled to announce that I recently received funding from the Gephardt Institute to make a socially engaged artwork this summer, 2018. I and the very talented and generous people at Washington University will be working with at-risk youth to make thousands of original drawings which we will then distribute thoughout St. Louis. Should you be interested in participating, let me know!

February 3rd join me at Intersect Art to celebrate the artist trading cards made by Dave Moore. I’m so happy to be part of this project and get to meet more people.

This fall I received a Creative Stimulus Award from Critical Mass, which is also featuring my work via a podcast. I am using the funding to continue my practice of community via ASpace. The ReSolve project continues, as the video is now in the permanent collection of the World Chess Museum. 

Slices, my most recent work in the Sugar Series was shown at at the Visual Arts Gallery of the University of Wyoming, where I was a visiting artist and speaker at the Re-envisioning the Laboratory: 2016 Sci-Art Symposium.  I also had work at The Hambidge Center in Atlanta, where I was a fellow, and at The Luminary in St. Louis, where I was an artist in residence. Additionally, I completed Pinpoint, a collaborative project with a few astrophysicists for Vanderbilt University and contributed a video to the Future and Behind exhibit in Venice, Italy. 

 As I continue to find my new home in St. Louis please let me know if you have places/people I should see. I hope you are well. Please stay in touch!

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