I am thrilled to announce that I have won a Creative Stimulus Award from Critical Mass this year! I will use the funding to continue my practice of community. As part of my practice in social engagement I launched A(3rd) Space. The ReSolve project continues and the video is now in the collection of the World Chess Museum. Last year I exhibited Slices at the Visual Arts Gallery of the University of  Wyoming, where I was a visiting artist and speaker at the Re-envisioning the Laboratory: 2016 Sci-Art Symposium.  I also had work at The Hambidge Center in Atlanta, where I was a fellow, and at The Luminary in St. Louis, where I was an artist in residence. Additionally, I completed Pinpoint, a collaborative project with a few astrophysicists for Vanderbilt University and contributed a video to the Future and Behind exhibit in Venice, Italy. 

 As I continue to find my new home in St. Louis please let me know if you have places/people I should see. I hope you are well. Please stay in touch!

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