I’m delighted participate in an exhibition of chess-inspired artwork at the Chess World Hall of Fame and Museum.  It provides me a perfect opportunity to utilize the new space I just moved into and play a game of human chess, video of which is on display at the museum through September 2017.  Throughout the run of the show we will be organizing more performances throughout St. Louis. If you are interested in joining us just get in touch!

After a year long search I finally found the perfect building for my studio, located in Midtown Alley in St. Louis.  Let me know if you’d like to visit!  While I spent last year looking for space and learning about St. Louis I did show a bit.  I exhibited Slices at the Visual Arts Gallery of the University of  Wyoming, where I was a visiting artist and speaker at the Re-envisioning the Laboratory: 2016 Sci-Art Symposium.  I also had work at The Hambidge Center in Atlanta, where I was a fellow and at The Luminary in St. Louis, where I was an artist in residence. Additionally, I completed Pinpoint, a collaborative project with a few astrophysicists for Vanderbilt University. In August I contributed a video to the Future and Behind exhibit in Venice, Italy. 

 As I continue to find my new home in St. Louis please let me know if you have places/people I should see. I hope you are well. Please stay in touch!

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