Stacked, a single channel video playing on a thin, black-framed external monitor attached to the wall, looped a series of stop-action shots of bright, white, luminescent circular discs (are they chips? cookies? Nilla wafers? Communion wafers?) mysteriously added one on top of the other into the shape of a tall column, whose base appears to be a mirror, offering a reflection that caused the column to grow visually at both ends. At a certain moment the stability of the column begins to waver and eventually comes crashing down, accompanied by what seems to be the sound of plastic accordion tubing being stretched out. The expanding tube sound is intentionally not perfectly in time with the columnar collapse (which does, incidentally, deposit crumbs) and seems to work in opposition to the image of collapsing wafers.” — Excerpt from Naomi Ruth Pitamber’s text for Slices exhibit, University of Wyoming, 9/2016

Stacked is a video made in collaboration with Kyle Baker. It explores the rise and fall of the rush. The video has been shown locally at the Nashville International Airport, and as part of the Sugar Series at the University of Wyoming and internationally with the Magmart Video Festival in Italy.