PRESENT is an on-going city-wide, participatory and collaborative artwork building creative connections. In a series of workshops, we mindfully make art that we then turn into beautiful postcards to share.

The first series, for which we primarily worked with the Saint Louis City Family Court Truancy Initiative, was funded by Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement with significant support from Anne Glowinski and Washington University.

April 16, 2019, we are holding a panel discussion and reception to celebrate and discuss PRESENT art and ideas at Washington University. Following the reception, we are distributing, free-of-charge, 2000 postcards to select, stewarded sites throughout Saint Louis so that others may participate.

See the Catalog.



“A common thread runs through Adrienne Outlaw’s practice as an artist … of envisioning, creating, and then facilitating partnerships that consistently address both individual and community health and healing. …  

Most recently, Outlaw’s project PRESENT falls into this category. … the drawings exhibiting a sense of self, a grounded-ness, the freedom to express, and a real connection to the world through careful visual observation. They are truly present.”  — By Margaret Keller





Want to order a PRESENT for yourself or sponsor an additional PRESENT pack to share? Each pack features 50 unique, printed postcards nestled inside a beautiful display container for holding and sharing your PRESENT.

I’d like 1 pack for $50 (50 cards @ $1/card).


I’d like 2 packs for $75 (100 cards @ .75/card).


I’d like 5 packs for $125 (250 cards @ .50/card).


I’d like 10 packs for $200 (500 cards @ .40/card).


I’d like 20 packs for $300 (1000 cards @ .30/card).


I’d like 25 packs for $500 (2500 cards @ .20/card).


Please place my logo on the backs of my postcards for $50 regardless of the amount I order.


Please send me a hardcopy of the catalog so I can share The Journey for $25!


Should you choose to share PRESENT, please send us a picture of the packet at your site. We’ll post your image and tag your business on social media. Should you want to sponsor a pack for an already stewarded location in need of more cards, just choose one from the list (coming soon) and we’ll deliver it there or send it to you to present to them.

Want to do more? Should you want to continue PRESENT by sponsoring another workshop series, at which we will produce more cards, just let us know. The Saint Louis City Family Court Truancy Initiative and the Mathews-Dickey Boys and Girls Club are both in need of services. We are also happy to talk about other locations!