Seed Space


“What makes an arts community thrive? The chief components are easy enough to see: artists, galleries, studios and people who love art. Less easy to define and develop are the threads with which these elements are woven together. Some of these include affordable space, opportunities for artists to comingle and collaborate, and art patrons moved to write checks to deck their walls and sustain the whole enterprise. Can we have this in Nashville where music seems to dominate the cultural landscape? The answer seems to be yes.” — Excerpt from Colin Pigott and Andri Alexandrou’s “Planting a Seed,” for Native Magazine, p. 39-44, No. 4, October, 2012

“…although it is tepting to delve into the allegory of the seed as a frame for Nashville’s premier art lab, a nurturing non-profit the ‘encourages risk and celebrates failure in our desire to stimulate and encourage creativity,’ be cautious. Seed Space is equally effective at threatening the neutrality of the prosaic exhibition space. … For example Seed Space I found my way around Nashville’s cultural landscape, visiting artist studios,  a range of commercial galleries, other non profit galleries and Nashville’s main public library. So don’t be fooled in thinking the word ‘Seed’ is the key to understanding this art lab because it is not. It is the protracted meaning of space that affirms its shifting artistic energies: Nashville’s interchange station is a space, no space and every space. — Excerpt from Michelle Grabner’s Space, No Space Every Space for Seed Space’s Exhibition Catalog, which documents its first four years.

“How many people does it take to change a light bulb? To Adrienne Outlaw, this question is not a joke. Al Gore’s simple suggestion at the end of An Inconvenient Truth has provided her with just as much inspiration as the Regarding Beauty (1999) exhibition at the Hirshhorn Museum. Outlaw’s individual art practice and her nonprofit experimentation lab Seed Space share a common ground in promoting small steps towards becoming a responsible individual in a growing community.”  — Excerpt from Veronica Kavass’ “A Conversation with Adrienne Outlaw” for Nashville Arts Magazine, p 32-34, June 27, 2014


In 2010 I founded Seed Space as a lab for artists, writers and curators to generate more dialogue about art and extend artist networks. We exhibit art and technology works, host Seed Social residencies for artists directly engaged with the public, organize the Seed Performs series, run a professional development series a participatory speaker forum and more.