Mend is a collaborative work with Mariel Bolton. It celebrates the feminine power of touch. It is part of a new, larger body of work that examines, exposes and questions the complex and contradictory circumstances surrounding concepts of desire, comfort and nurture.

We showed it with Whitespace Gallery during Aqua Art Miami 2012, which runs concurrently with Art Basel.
For the show we projected “Mend” onto a bath of milk, which gave the video a beautiful hazy quality as seen in the still image. The milk filled the bottom of a dark blue and green titled shower room at the Aqua Hotel.

Since that time we have shown it both on the floor and on a table covered in sugar to allow further interaction with the work. You can see documentation of it here.

“In the small dark bathroom, the gallery installed two Adrienne Outlaw’s video sculptures. Mend, a video in collaboration with Mariel Bolton, was projected on the opaque surface of the shower floor. It took me more than a few seconds to recognize that it was an aerial view of a woman combing and washing the hair of another woman. I was told that the artist originally planned to project the video onto a water-filled bathtub. But the room only had a shower with dark blue and green tiled floor, so they decided to fill it with four-inch high milk mixed with water to create an opaque surface. The beautiful hazy effect from the milk made the images look even more dreamy and pure, thus greatly enhancing its theme: the power of the feminine touch. On the wall there was a small video sculpture, Suckle, a painted metal funnel that looks like the shape of a breast. The biophysics video on MP4 inside of the funnel is viewed through a one inch hole in the middle of a mirror, which gives the impression that the video is round and floating.”  —  Excerpt from Camille Hong Xin’s review, Art Basel Week in Miami 2012, A Visitor’s Notebook, for M Magazine, p 33, Vol 17, No 4, Summer, 2013