Video Links

The videos listed here are arranged to give the viewer an easier way to read about and view them. The images and links take you to Vimeo. 

Dcoumentation of participatory interactive video installation.

SoundShape, TRT: .54

SoundShape is an interactive video installation. Participants are invited to experience “the artistic zone” by sitting at a vintage drafting table, donning headphones and listening to a guided meditation as they trace drawings that appear on a video monitor. As part of their experience, participants are invited to alter, keep or share their drawings by adding them the installation/posting them on social media. The 54-second video documents a small portion of the experience, as each of the eight drawings and meditations is approximately four minutes long.




ReSolve, TRT: 2:38

As a way to practice respectful engagement, I invited 32 people from seven cities near Saint Louis to play a game of human chess for the video ReSolve, commissioned and exhibited by the World Chess Museum in Saint Louis.





For My Neighbor In Shades of Gray, TRT: 4:52

In an effort to identify and experience community, I broke bread with 100 people at an immigration center and a Spanish immersion school in Nashville. The resulting video, For My Neighbor In Shade of Gray, exhibited as both a single and a four channel video installation in several different venues including the Nashville International Airport, University of Wyoming, Jacobs Center in San Diego, and the FUTURE BEHIND exhibit in Italy.

PLEASE NOTE: The video can be understood in one minute of viewing.





MeetUp, TRT: .25

MeetUp is a series of community events that I organized both in the park and museum, the documentation of which I showed as an evolving nine-channel video installation. The events ranged from a potluck lunch to a capoeira class to playing badminton in the museum.






Mend, TRT: 5:50

Mend is a collaborative work with Mariel Bolton. It celebrates the feminine power of touch. It is part of a new, larger body of work that examines, exposes and questions the complex and contradictory circumstances surrounding concepts of desire, comfort, and nurture.

PLEASE NOTE: This video is best understood in its entirety but the general idea can be understood in two minutes of viewing.